• Merchant Payroll

We Keep Small Business in Mind

Merchant Payroll’s services are conveniently packaged with small businesses in mind

  • Bundled Payroll/Tax Services:

Merchant Payroll’s solutions address key issues for small business owners

  • Compliance

Merchant Payroll keeps your client compliant with automatic updates to federal and state labor law posters

  • SUI Management

Merchant Payroll will process  unemployment claims, audit your clients’ StateUnemployment Rate, and File for appeals

Our Insurance Services

Pay-As-You-Go Program for Worker’s Compensation

  • No large premium deposits required
  • Premiums based on actual payroll and carrier rates
  • Audit zero’s out at the end of the year

Services for Accountants

HR Helpdesk for Accountants

  • Merchant Payroll provides quick answers to your clients’ questions about hiring, interviewing and other employment related matters by telephone or email


  • Merchant Payroll’s customized payroll reports enable you and your clients the convenience of online access to payroll reports and tax data anytime and anywhere

General Ledger Interface

  • Seamless integration is provided directly into QuickBooks